Find Your Passion

What is Passion?

I was talking to a colleague of mine the other day and I used the word passion while we were talking.  My colleague stopped me and said “what is passion”?  Man that is a loaded question and it applies to so many aspects of our lives.

For instance, do you like your job?  Are you passionate about it?  Do you wake up every morning and anticipate going to work?  If the answer there is no, then you aren’t passionate about your job – but you CAN BE.  Passion is in everything we do, our blood, our bones, it’s what drives us on a daily basis to be better than what we were yesterday.

Now the next question might be “how do I find that passion” – well, I always tell people that ask me that to find something they love and start from there.  For instance, are you a cat lover, or do you like working on cars, or maybe you like hiking and pictures of nature.  All you have to do is find something related to things you like and start from there.  So, you are a cat lover, look into working at a vets office, or a pet store, or if you have the ability, become a cat sitter or something relative to cats and being with them.  If you like working on cars, get a job as a mechanic, or if you can do it, start a mobile mechanic business or an actual mechanic shop of your own.  If you like hiking and nature photos, grab a camera and take it on your next hiking escapade – when you see a good shot, take it, then turn it into a business if you can, or sell your photos to istock or other places, enter contests for the photos, or anything that you can to flourish that passion.

The point is, no matter what you like to do, there are sooo many ways to manifest it so that you aren’t living day by day in a job you don’t love – make your life YOURS so that you wake up every day excited for the day, happy to do what you love to do.

I decided one day many years ago to start an accounting firm – wanna know what I love doing?  You guessed it, accounting – I love numbers, I love figuring things out, and one day I quit my full time job and just went for it.  You would be surprised at the little amount of money you sometimes need to start a business.  For me, it was a laptop and a desk with a few office supplies.  That is where I started, and today I have a very successful accounting firm grossing just under 3mil per year with 30 employees to care for.

If you are thinking, I can’t do this or that because in the past I was this or that, well, let me tell you, that is all crap and just an excuse to keep you doing what you are doing, which is nothing.  You need to FIND a reason to do more, this I know and can tell you from experience.  I wanted to help more than one business grow, so working for one company wasn’t for me – having an accounting firm, I have over 150 clients that rely on our advise on what to do and how to do it – to me, THAT is accomplishment.  It isn’t about the amount of money I generate or the number of employees I have, it’s about seeing our clients grow week by week because of the things we do for them.

So, I challenge you starting with today to find something you love to do and take just one step toward doing it.  Don’t second guess it, just one step, whether it’s researching what it takes to do it, or getting the tools you need to do it, just one step.  Start there and take a leap.


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